Soccer Resort Corporate Soccer Events is an expansion of the successful Soccer Resort international network of soccer tournaments stretching from Hawaii to London, England with a view to helping international and national companies build teams and expand existing events. The idea is to connect individuals and teams from different offices in an authentic and direct setting. Nothing breaks down international and interpersonal boundaries like soccer and football.

Team Building Across International Offices

  • Soccer Resort organizes internal soccer and football tournaments for businesses and companies looking to bring their organization together for networking and team-building through soccer.
  • Soccer Resort has organized travel events for particular company divisions that brought together offices from across Europe, the United States, Asia, Canada, and Latin America
  • Soccer Resort can create a program and format that includes Men and Women, and novices and experts of all levels of fitness. 
  • Soccer Resort also organizes for the competitive company tournament, too! Our recent tournament in Paris for a major European management consultant company where 15 offices from around the world came to compete, and connect through football. The overwhelming consensus was - wow, what a great way to get to know colleagues, and what a great gesture by my company. 

 Growing Attendance at Your Existing Sporting and Non-Sporting Events

  • Soccer Resort Corporate Soccer Events is also for event owners, convention and visitors bureaus, cities and states, who are looking to expand and increase attendance to their existing sporting and non-sporting events by adding on a soccer tournament, attracting a broader audience and increasing the amount of filled hotel rooms, as well as increasing the economic impact of your event in your community

Product Event Marketing - Marketing to the North American Soccer Community successfully

  • Soccer Resort has extensive experience building a soccer brand in all 50 states, as well as throughout Canada, Ireland, England, Iceland, France, Germany, Italy and Northern Europe. Soccer Resort can bring this experience to bear for advertisers and marketers who are looking to launch their products or build their brand in the North American market.