Soccer Resort was requested in 2008, to put together a program for an inter-office team building through football event for the European offices of an American Management Consulting firm. Soccer Resort proposed two possibilities - the first was a wine tasting and football weekend in Provence, France, with the client employees staying in Chateaux, and Hotels surrounding a football facility in a small town in the Vacluse region of Provence.

The second option was a Paris team building event, with the city of light as athe backdrop to a football team building tournament, with various other social and options provided by night to enable staff to connect on and off the football field.

The client decided on the second option on May 20, and the event was to be held July 5, which left very little time for planning and execution -Soccer Resort corporate events staff went straight to work.

On May 28, Soccer Resort staff flew into Paris, and surveyed 10 hotels as possible locations for the this team-building event. This site visit is essential, in ensuring all small details and logistics are in place. Additionally, Soccer Resort visited 6 different football facility locations in the Paris area to find a location that had the best football pitches, and had the best overall location for a team building event.

In major metropolitan areas, finding football and soccer facilities is always a challenge, as one must compete with other sports, as well as youth football to rent a facility. And frequently, corporate requests are piled at the bottom of the list, as these facilities are often geared towards the local community. Fortunately, Soccer Resort has access to relationships and facilities through 6 years of tournament organizing in Europe and North America.

Soccer Resort returned from Paris with a recommendation on hotel (having located an excellent four star hotel within budget), and a football facility, all within a four day visit. The football facility was to be a unique set of small sided pitches,  only  25 minutes from Paris,  set against the backdrop of a forest, which set the tone of a secluded retreat.

Soccer Resort organized all the facets of the event, from staff, hotel reservations, hotel payment, hotel management, as well as banqueting and off-site special events. Additionally, Soccer Resort managed all event details including facility payment, budgets, referees, football jerseys, tournament schedule, weekend itinerary, client welcome receptions, and all the nuts and bolts that goes into a hospitality and sporting weekend.

During the event itself, Soccer Resort took photographs, and did video interviews with staff to build on the experience of "connecting through football", as staff connected and spoke about similar projects and best practices from different markets around the world.Soccer Resort also took a serious interest in developing the atmosphere for the weekend, adding a light, sense of comedy and festival with football horns, hats and other knick-knacks.

Visitors came from nearby London and Frankfurt, as well as Rome, Moscow, Buenos Aires, New York, New Delhi, and other European offices. Soccer Resort interviewed all staff, and put together a video compilation after the event so the event could be used as a recruitment tool to convey the culture and approach of the client.

The event was a huge success, and the feedback from the clients, was that this was one of the best events they had ever attended, and that now they flet they could more easily pick up the phone and connect with the colleague in another office, and ask for their help and support.

It became clear, that the Paris event would become a source of stories and bonding between employees for some time - with all particpants eagerly anticpating a repeat of the event in Rome, in 2009, where the champions (Italy), would defend their title.