So why not bring the joy of soccer and football to your company? 

Look around your office - most people will have a connection with the game, (even if it's your neighbours son), that plays the game.  This is why soccer is such a great team-building activity - it's an easy sport to pick-up with little initial education and equipment required for a fun team-building weekend. And the potential for team-building and bonding is endless.

Nothing crosses borders like football and soccer. In the United States and Canada, soccer has long arrived as an urban and suburban phenomenon. Everyone has a nephew, niece, son, daughter, or friend that plays in the game.

We can organize a stand-alone event for you, or we can add a soccer tournament to your existing meetings. Think of your fellow workers, all formal and serious at a sales convention - now imagine adding a soccer tournament, allowing a more authentic setting, and people to connect in a more meaningful way.

If you are in Europe, Asia, South America or Africa, there's an abundance of people in your office and company that plays the game. What better way to help people connect and break down borders?

And if you recommend Soccer Resort as an organizer for your team-building weekend, and we get hired, we'll give you a complimentary hotel and tournament weekend package at an open, public Soccer Resort event to say thanks for recommending us!