Tapping into the sport’s growing fan base, North America’s largest adult soccer event company launches corporate soccer team building services connecting staff, employees and even their customers through the world’s favorite sport.
Hoboken, NJ – Signifying the growth of the soccer in North America, The Soccer Resort today launched the first ever corporate team building soccer company in North America. The company offers a unique team building experience through the world’s most popular sport and draws on 6 years of experience organizing and hosting highly successful public soccer tournaments across the United States, Canada, Northern Europe, and Latin America.
As a stand-alone team building exercise or as part of a collection of events, Soccer Resort creates a relaxed environment, where employees can play soccer with their coworkers and managers. When the whistle blows, cultural barriers dissolve and professional and personal bonds develop between employees who played in their youth and beginners that have simply been introduced to the game by their kids. Employees get the opportunity to network, exchange knowledge, and blow off some steam with their colleagues in an incredibly authentic, open environment.
The Soccer Resort’s Corporate Soccer Events is for men and women of all skill levels, from the novice to the seasoned soccer player. Activities can be customized for groups as small as 15 to those as large as 50,000. They can include everything from basic skills clinics to penalty shootouts to large-bracket tournaments – or all of the above. The opportunity also exists to play alongside English Premier League’s retired stars like George Weah, and Hollywood United FC’s celebrities of music, screen, and soccer.
“These events create memories and stories that endure for years within a company,” said Niall Swan, Founder of the Soccer Resort. “People connect in a relaxed sporting environment, open internal doors, and share knowledge and contacts in ways that would otherwise take years to develop” said Swan.
And the team-bonding doesn’t end there. There’s also a catered social event in the evening to soothe aching muscles and egos with prizes and awards for achievement and for laughs. The Soccer Resort can also arrange golf outings, tennis court time, and tourist excursions. These soccer events can be new company events, or simply added to existing conventions and meetings.
“With 18 Million people playing the sport in the U.S. alone, the sport has arrived culturally at the grassroots,” said Daniel Johnson, Coordinator for Corporate Events at the Soccer Resort. “When a discussion of team-building events comes up in a board-room, you can be sure 50% of the people at the table have children, nephews, nieces, partners, or their own connection to the game, and ‘get’ the team-building aspect” said Johnson.
The Soccer Resort handles it all for your company. Pre-event site visits guarantee premium facilities and accommodations and ensure the best possible team-building experience. On event day, onsite staffers manage all facets of the activities, including breakdown and cleanup, and are on-call for hospitality concerns. When the fun concludes and your people are content, the memories can live on through available photo and video services – and these memories are guaranteed to find their way to meetings and screensavers for years to come.
After 70 events in eight countries, The Soccer Resort knows soccer and football and has the turnkey operations to run it efficiently and smoothly while still ensuring a relaxed environment. Soccer Resort’s American, Irish, Spanish and English heritage gives them a unique insight and understanding of the cultural connectivity of soccer.
About The Soccer Resort
The Soccer Resort was started in 2002 by founder Niall Swan and is a privately owned soccer travel and entertainment company with offices in Hoboken, New Jersey.
Soccer Resort organizes soccer events around the world with the main focus on the United States and Canada in locations like San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Boston, Orange County, Washington D.C., Toronto, Montreal, New Orleans, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Dublin, London and Reykjavík. The company also organizes a Soccer and wine weekend in Sonoma, Northern California.
Soccer Resort also offers fantasy soccer weekends, giving soccer fans the opportunity to play against retired English Premiership and European stars from Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, as well as celebrities including Hollywood actors, Rock icons, and Film Stars.
The Soccer Resort
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