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"It’s a great way to connect and ensure our global outlook to our clients. 150 people, 20 countries. We’ve now got stories to share for years to come. This event is about teaming and it’s about bonding and knowing that you can rely on someone else in another office at any point in time. This event says everything AT Kearney is about. We share it internally and take part in something together. I think soccer is the most international sport. I promise you an Indian team will be here next year!"

Associate, AT Kearney, New Delhi, India -

Soccer Resort launches Corporate Soccer Events - read the news


Soccer Resort Corporate Events brings people and companies together from different regions and countries across the world through soccer, fútbol, and football. Our services include:

• Soccer events for
everyone on your company staff
• Inter-office soccer
travel retreats
• Adding
events to conventions
• Events enhancing client relationships
• Event marketing driven tournaments

The Soccer Resort public event calendar has restarted - Fall 2008 takes us to Los Angeles, Costa Rica, Iceland, New York, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Toronto. More



Soccer Resort recently wrapped up
an amazing team-building weekend
in Paris, France, bringing together
15 international offices of a major
international management consulting
firm. Read More

Check out the photos from some
of our recent public events in
locations like Las Vegas