What is a Corporate Soccer Event and what do I get?
What is The Soccer Resort?
Why go with The Soccer Resort?
How many players are on each team?
Is it just for Soccer players?
Is it just Soccer?
How will my employees and coworkers get around?
When the Soccer is finished, what happens?
How can I get more specific information on Soccer Resort Corporate Soccer Events?


What your team-building budget pays for 


What you and your employees get back

Organized events and activities
(football, non-football, social)


Networking opportunities

Access to premium facilities


Knowledge exchange

Access to premium lodging


Celebrate diversity

Major city/market locales


Increased corporate loyalty

Transportation to/from events


Boosted employee morale

Turnkey event operations


New friendships

Celebrity player access


Non-work social interaction

Club stadium access


Expanded client benefits

Catering and entertainment


A recruiting tool

Awards and prizes


Physical exercise

Photo/video services


Relaxed environment

Health & event liability insurance


Internal marketing


What is the Soccer Resort?
The Soccer Resort is a company that organizes adult soccer tournaments for men and women in warm and interesting locations all year round. We take care of all of the arrangements and logistical matters to ensure an enjoyable experience. Soccer, fútbol, and football fans get to play some ball - and relax for the rest of the weekend in the sun. They get to travel with their friends for a team weekend – all centered on soccer.


Why go with The Soccer Resort?
We are the world premier soccer event organization. Soccer and football events are what we know and are known for. The Soccer Resort’s many years of professional experience organizing successful soccer/football tournaments around the globe guarantees smoothly run activities and access to the best playing fields for your company’s events. We survey each destination for high quality facilities and amenities and work with your company budget. Leave the organizational tasks to us so you can enjoy your weekend too!


How many players are on each team?
Depending on the number of participants from your company, we organize teams to ensure that everyone, men and women, enjoys their time on the field. Generally, one person plays as goalie and the rest organize themselves as defense and offense.


Is it just for Soccer players?
No! We hope that our clients tap their employees’ inner-Maradona/Hamm/Pelé for a great weekend out playing and networking with their coworkers and friends. We can run different divisions for every level of player from the novice to the advanced. We can run a combined event for all skill levels with standard games, skill clinics, penalty shootouts, etc. Given that this is a team-building event, we can make it with a recreational flavor, or we can make it more competitive for all the men and women in your office.


Is it just Soccer?
No, we want your employees to enjoy a weekend of soccer tournaments - but after the soccer is over, we typically offer catered social events and carefully choose sites that allow you to enjoy nearby amenities that include inviting beaches, golf courses, tennis courts, and casinos.


How will my employees and coworkers get around?
Since your people will be arriving at different times and often different airports, transfers to the hotel should be done by taxi or public transport upon arrival. Depending on the arrangements with Soccer Resort, shuttle bus service to the fields and back to the hotel may be provided.


When the Soccer is finished, what happens?
As always, choice is king with The Soccer Resort. The location is chosen to allow you the opportunity to do whatever you choose!


How can I get more specific information on Soccer Resort Corporate Soccer Events?
Simply contact a representative at The Soccer Resort location nearest you:

United States: +1 718 433 2452
Ireland:  01 6571026 (Outside Irl dial +353 1 6571026)
United Kingdom: 02030048301 (Outside UK dial +44 2030048301)