Soccer Resort is a world leader in organizing competitive and recreational football soccer tournaments that people return to year after year. After close to 80 tournaments in 6 years, The Soccer Resort has considerable experience and expert knowledge in event management, event processes, team building, and vacation travel tournaments. Football and soccer event planning is what we do. It's what we know and are known for.

Soccer Resort's approach to team building is to create an atmosphere of fun and merriment to go along with the natural team-building that takes place during these weekends. We believe that in football and soccer a team succeeds together, much like in your business.

The Soccer Resort product is based on high-quality hotels, and high-quality playing fields - 95% of Soccer Resort fields are either immaculate grass or premium synthetic turf. You will never play on poor-quality fields or pitches with Soccer Resort. Because our relationships extend to indoor facilities, we can organize your event any day of the year.

Soccer Resort has facility relationships in dozens of cities and countries to help you find a suitable location for your team-building event - in North America and many parts of Europe. Access to these facilities is highly competitive, but Soccer Resort can secure many of these locations.

Soccer Resort's services for a corporate event include the following:

  • Site visit before event to finalize and choose soccer fields, special event location, and the right hotels
  • Negotiation of hotel contracts and rates within the budget of the client
  • Event and health liability insurance
  • Complete organization of the weekend from start to finish, including special social events, hotels management, facility management, and tournament management - total program creation
    • Organization of special soccer uniforms, transport to soccer event, and tournament newsletters
    • Photo/Video compilation for post event souvenirs, keepsakes, and memories that help the event live on.
    • Online Booking Engine to help each office assemble their rooming list and to automate process
    • Total hotel management - when issues arise, onsite hospitality staffers are available 24 hrs a day
    • Total tournament management - referees, staff, fun sideshows, and awards ceremony